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cone crusher maintenance explanation

The explanation of cone crusher maintenance conditions by professional manufacturer


1. Cone crusher maintenance is an extremely important regular work, it need do well in the close cooperation work between the operation and maintenance, and all staff needs regular check work.

2. there are iron removal unit in cone crusher, prevent iron into crushing cavity, if iron frequently get into cavity, may cause the crusher shaft accidents.

3. To full capacity, otherwise will cause that the product sizes become too coarse.

4. The allocation of production line crusher is reasonable, so as to maximize efficiency of cone crusher.

5. The spring pressure can’t too close, the higher stress will also cause wreck shaft accidents, the pressure is too small ,spring frequently beat affect the impact work and product granularity will become coarsen.

6. Lubricating oil temperature not too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the machine running.

7. Lubricating oil need change frequently, not too dirty, is too dirty to accelerate gear and bowl watts, bushing wear, and even death in axle housing research.

8. Drive belt installation cannot too tight, otherwise it will cause the shaft rotation is not flexible; Also cannot too loose, otherwise it will cause crusher stuffy car.

9. Feeding cannot be too wet too sticky, fine grained cannot too much, also cannot too big, otherwise it will cause nausea.

10. Crusher discharging mouth product ore will also cause stuffy car.

Cone crusher maintenance in the actual operation will cause various problems in using process; we can take different solutions according to specific situation.