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Double-click the crusher application characteristics

Double-click the hammer crusher is equivalent to two broken close 2 for one, reasonable combined into a whole, two sets of rotor string to use, has the following features:

ONE. double rotor two-stage smash up and down

Each string of two sets of rotor made by the superior rotor hammer head smash material immediately by rapid rotation of the lower rotor hammer head again finely, lumen material rapid collision reverse each other, each other, achieve the result of hammer powder, powder material, directly discharged.

TWO. not the bottom of the screen grate, high wet material, never jam

Traditional with grate sieve plate mill, not adapt to the moisture content is higher than 8% of the raw material, when raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, easily happened serious congestion, make the hammer head can’t turn, material can’t discharge, even burning motor, seriously affect the production.The machine design without the bottom of the screen grate, no strict requirement for material moisture content, does not exist paste plugging problem of sieve plate, more not have fine powder can not discharge in time, repeat the crushing problem, therefore, high grinding efficiency, there is no hammer head is invalid wear phenomenon.

THREE. unique two-way adjustable gap technology

Hammer head after the wear between liner and gap larger granularity coarsens, it can move from center to outside hammer head position, reducing the gap between and lining board to Can also outside-in goes on lining board to adjust clearance, control the discharging granularity.

FOUR.assembly the balance wheel of balancing device, stable running inertia big, power saving 20%

Two sets of the rotor shaft end are equipped with the flywheel, the flywheel adjustable speed fluctuation of periodic operation, operation is steady, increase the rotational inertia, overcome motion resistance, saving electricity was above 20%.

FIVE. centralized lubrication system, non-stop oiling, convenient and quick;

The machine can work on the machine at any time will be all bearing synchronous filling lubricating oil at the same time, convenient and quick.Because of all the oil closed, and can prevent the dust invasion damage to the bearings.


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