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Efficient effect of system of sand making machine

Sand making machine species diversity, the most common type of high efficiency sand making machine and reaction type sand making machine.Exactly, efficient sand making machine has evolved from the counter type sand making machine, it is according to reaction type stone hit stone, stone sand making machine while the iron is hot, the principle of the change of the original whole board hammer to piece of alloy hammer head, increased the number of broken, out of sand is more beautiful than natural sand.Due to the high efficiency sand making machine (modified) output is high, the effect is good, so I become at present the most competitive sand production equipment.

Crushing sand making process is made stone hit stone, stone fall in two types of crushing, high efficiency sand making machine inside a piece of the material in the vortex broken cavity by two chances to many times the impact, friction, and grinding, crushing effect makes the final material crushing effect particularly ideal, was finally broken stones and sand from the gas discharge, efficiently and sand making machine to complete the whole process of sand stone system.

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