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Mine-used high-pressure suspension grinder

The material could be crushed by high-pressure suspension grinder: barite, slag, limestone, ceramic, etc. Whose Mohs hardness is not bigger than 9.3 grade and humidity below 6% of non-inflammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industry, can crush material can reach more than 280 kinds.

high-pressure suspension grinder production requirements for functions: YGM65, YGM75, YGM85, YGM95, the number of rollers are three, can achieve product size 80-500 meshes, the smallest can even reach 1000 meshess. YGM130 roll number is 5, the output size can adjust from 245 to 500 meshes. YGM160 roller number 6, product size can be achieved between 7-380meshes.

The capacity of each model of high-pressure suspension grinder:

YGM65, 0.4-1.8t/h YGM75, 1-3t/h YGM85, 1.2-4t/h

YGM95, 2.1-5.6t/h YGM130, 2.5-9.5t/h YGM160, 1.9-0.045 t/h

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high-pressure suspension grinder