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PCX series ore Crusher structure

PCX series are made of high quality iron ore Crusher shell all-position welding of carbon steel construction. Rotor overall static and dynamic balance test, before they can be installed. Regulating devices are all on the outside, according to various parts of abrasion, adjustable hammer and strike plates, hammers and sieve of the gap. Reasonable use the adjusting device, the material can be efficiently controlled less than D80<3-5mm, which get a powder.

Iron-ore Crusher installed a few discs on the spindle, there are several pin-hole disc, hammer handle and hammer head pins between the dumplings in the disc. Because it is a free-hanging, hammerhead flare out when at high speeds when faced with broken objects, rotating along a hinge pin, thus avoiding damage to parts, plays a protective role. Rotor supported in rolling bearings on both ends, on the housings bolted to the hull. Spindle pulley and motor with v-belt drive. In order to make the rotor runs smoothly, at the other end of spindle fitted with flywheels. Liners are bolted on the shell. Integrally cast arc discharging sieve plate placed on the beam and lower shell both ends of the cover can be opened, easy to replace the sieve plates and maintenance.