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PX finely machine features

PX finely machine series of colleges and universities take full advantage of the physical movement principle, the combination of activity, can make the material quickly and efficiently to achieve the purpose of fine crushing.The main characteristic of iron ore fine crusher is;

A: the impact of iron ore fine crusher broken way broken;

1, the iron ore fine crusher body in motion to the work of the impact of the material;

2, high-speed movement of material impact to the fixed working face;

3, high-speed movement of material impact each other;

4, high-speed movement of the work to the impending material impact;Broken material subjected to impact, is the moment of its broken force, its crushing efficiency is very high, broken ratio is great, the consumption of energy consumption is lower.

B: iron ore fine crusher crusher grinding method of broken;Materials with certain pressure and shear force between working face, the shear stress reaches its material shear strength limit of material crushing, or material between the friction shear, grinding effect and make the material crushing.