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Pre-sale Services:
1.We help customers to choose suitable main and accessory machines, according to their actual situations and special requirements.
2. We make the most reasonable, effective and saving design project free of charge, according to customers’ factual landform and the ground area.

While-sale Services:
1.We manufacture equipment with finish machining, trial run it without load not less than six hours, inspect it by special checker to sure eligibility and then endorse the eligibility certificate, before it leaves our factory.
2. We arrange to consign goods timely and truly, enumerate product list, and make consignee to sign for them.

After-sale Services:
1.We send special engineer from engineering and technology department, to make the best design project and guide to do the equipment foundation on the spot based on customer’s factual situation when the contract is signed for three days.
2. After the equipment arrives, our technician guides to install and debug it.
3. During the period for installing and debugging machines, we can guide to train operators of buyer.
4. In the process of operating machines for customers at home, if there are unsolvable problems, please dial the service phone number and our technician will explain them for you as soon as possible. If the problems can’t be solved by phone, we shall send our technician to the spot quickly.
5. If there are unsolvable problems for foreign customers, please dial the service phone number or Email us. We shall explain them by phone or send technician of our foreign offices in short distance of customer’s country.

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