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The establishment of Sand production line

Sand making production line is a production of construction sand and stone dedicated production line, sand making machine than the traditional 60% energy saving. It can put a variety of rock and sediment, sand, river pebbles made of various size of the building in line with sand, sandy uniform particle size, high strength, than natural sand, ordinary hammer hit the sand machine production more in line with the building requirements, can enhance the quality of construction. Six Steps sand making production line created.

Step one: market survey, observe whether the manufacture of artificial sand market prospects, profits do not play blind to how sales battle??.

Step Two: As raw materials are mainly made of sand or river rock pebbles, and therefore has a wealth of raw materials selected mines or river, it will greatly reduce the cost of production.

Step Three: According to national law individuals or companies can not mess exploitation of mines or river, you should go through the relevant mining procedures, or even a hastily produced, will be a lot of trouble.

Step Four: examine the equipment, choose an all aspects of strength, reputation, size and other manufacturers are relatively strong, given a set of excellent quality sand stone production line equipment.

Step Five: After buying the mining, crushing and screening equipment that does not work, crushing and screening machinery is only one department, but also need to address the engineering machinery, such as the title loaders, excavators, transport vehicles, and mining equipment blasting topic.

Step six: After all the equipment in place to try to install tune cars, hiring workers, given mining rail system, will be governance, contact the customer, produce sales, it is commensurate with the actual manipulation of a department is the first customer to reinvest factories production, sales are first.

Sand making production line