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Three directions jaw crusher must be noted

1, temperature. in the correct way jaw crusher is applied . it must reach a certain temperature. Regardless of the temperature is too high or too low, the service life of the equipment will be greatly affected. And this performance was hurt in the short term that is not obvious, the longer the time, the danger is greater.

2, corrosion. Machinery and equipment are generally made up of many metal components, and broken equipment usually has relatively poor working conditions, long encounter some rain and snow, combined with air pollution is getting worse now, which is very easy on cause corrosion of metal surfaces. And if the staff does not care in a timely manner if the extent of corrosion will be more serious. Therefore, the user should be well in advance of the usual preventive measures based on weather conditions and reduces injuries suffered due to corrosion.



3. impurities. Here’s a variety of contaminants including dust, grains, gravel and so on. Like we usually during crushing machine will emit some metal shavings, and sometimes the environment itself will be dust, dirt and other substances, these impurities ran into the device will not only affect its pessimism, but will make the discharge port, pipelines and other places jam live, thereby affecting the working status of the device. Especially those metal fines, make it easier for abnormal sound equipment, causing malfunction. Therefore usually the operator to promptly clean up after using the equipment to ensure its smooth.

These are the three directions jaw crusher in use, it should be noted, so the job should be done in equipment repair and maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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